Sunny and Cheer

"Island Vibes" Ankle Biters (size: 3/4)

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Created from super soft, repurposed t-shirts, these cozy pants will become your little one's favorite thing to wear.

Designed with a relaxed  + roomy fit in mind. No itchy labels, and featuring a soft knit elastic waistband designed to rest comfortably on hips.  


  • wide leg, loose-fitting
  • soft knit elastic waistband
  • tagless
  • sensory and disability friendly
  • no buttons. no zippers.
  • easy to pull up and down (perfect for potty training)
  • super soft + cozy knit cotton blend

 Fine Print:

  • Each of our creations is handmade.  
  • Our shirts are collected from thrift stores, and second-hand shops.  We are in no way affiliated with any of the companies whose shirts we may use.  Custom ankle biters are all one-offs, and cannot be mass-produced.
  • Ankle biters are created from thrifted shirts and apparel that's destined for landfills. There might be slight imperfections in the final product, we consider it part of the charm of our upcycled creations.