When Creatives Collab

I've long admired the many talents of Merrill Melidio but once she started sharing her natural dye process using avocado pits and skins (whaaaaaat????) I knew immediately we had the perfect project to partner together on.

Merrill Melideo for Sunny and Cheer

"I’ve always been one to pick flowers, to collect rocks, to bury my feet in the sand and listen to the ocean. When I work with botanical dyes I feel connected to the earth in a way that brings me so much joy. I’m constantly inspired by nature and the wondrous colors that surround us. Each dye bath is different, even when using the same contents time after time. Working with avocado skins and pits bring out hues that can range from a light peach to a dark mauve, and I love the surprise every time. The process of hand dyeing with natural botanicals is a long, slow journey, from treating the fabric ahead of time to making the dye, and finally patiently stirring and waiting until the dye is all soaked up. It really is a practice in letting go and trusting the process, and I hope it shows how much time and love has gone into the finished product."

Vintage Linens made modern with a injection of color from Avocado Skins

So much time and love have gone into these pieces over the decades, and we are delighted to awaken these vintage linens with a colorful update. We have our own thoughts of how they should be used, but we can't wait to see how you choose to breath new life into them.


Merrill Melideo for Sunny and Cheer | Breathing new life into vintage linens


Photos: Corey Villicana

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