Thrift Trippin in Vegas!

I started a YouTube channel!  I have some fun ideas that I am working on and thought it would be (possibly) entertaining to put them out into the world wide web. If you enjoy: lol'ing, general silliness, thrift tips, discovering new places to eat and shop (second hand) you have to subscribe! I promise my YouTube channel (I chuckled as i typed that) will check all your boxes.

In my first video, we play one of my favorite games "$5 and 5". I have only 5 minutes and $5 to get in and score a happy find. In this episode I am in Vegas and rolling the dice at Goodwill in Henderson*, NV. Watch to see if I get lucky or leave empty handed? BONUS: there's a solid "thrift-tip" in the video. 

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*The Goodwills in the Henderson area are great! Prices are good, they are well organized, and they have discount days and discount color tags--not all Goodwills do this--I appreciate the stores that do.

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