The Case for Preloved Denim

It's no fun breaking in a new pair of jeans. Especially for kids! Vintage or preloved denim has already been washed so many times that by the time it gets on your little one it's perfectly soft, perfectly faded, and totally comfy. Here are three reasons why I am a fan of [any brand] preloved denim.
  1.  You're gonna save yourself a ton of cash over the years if you buy preloved. Kids grow so fast + they're so hard on their clothes that you won't be so upset if in a couple of months they have grown out of their jeans or blown out the knees in a pair of jeans that cost you a $3. Yes, you can get good quality jeans for as low as $3 (even less) at a thrift store.*
  2. Perfectly worn in and possibly chemical free! As I mentioned above, it's no fun breaking in new jeans. The stiff rugged fabric is loaded with chemicals. If you knew the number of chemicals that go into the dye solution you might not even want your kids in jeans. When you buy preloved jeans/denim...preloved has been washed so many times that often the harsh chemicals have been broken down, and the toxins are no longer embedded in the fibers of the fabric.
  3. You're doing the planet a solid in so many ways. It's been said that it takes over 900 gallons of water to produce one pair of jeans. THAT'S A LOT OF WATER! It's also a lot of runoff and chemicals that could potentially be polluting water sources. 

I know that so many are looking for vintage Levis for their little ones (myself included) and when you find them it's like finding burried treasure! But let's start to think beyond a single brand, and start to think about vintage and preloved denim anything.

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