Beach Eats!

Sunny and Cheer "BEACH EATS" | Our top 3 favorite foods to keep everyone happy not hangry, when at the beach

Today I am sharing a few of our favorite things to take to the beach or share with friends at the pool. These are my top 3 things to grab from our fridge or at the store to make a day at the beach even more fun.

1. Fruits + Veggies

Bananas are always a must. They're the easiest thing to grab from the house or the store and are a fun fruit for kids to accessorize. What do I mean by that? Add a little something extra to your banana by topping it with a nut butter. I carry packets of almond butter in my purse at all times. Sometimes the kids rip them open and eat them alone or they dress their banana with the protein-packed goop. Our second favorite fruit option, strawberries. The great thing about fruit at the beach is that most often there is very little packaging involved, which means less trash or opportunities to accidentally litter. Always, ALWAYS leave nature better than you found it.

Veggies are not the kids favorite but I always bring them because when they want to rest and mindlessly snack, they can do that with cucumbers or carrots. I like both these options because they are filling and they are both cool and refreshing when pulled from our ice bag.

Sunny and Cheer "BEACH EATS" | Stay happy not hangry and enjoy a full day of play.


Lots and lots of water. Stay hydrated and happy with traditional water, but as a treat I bring coconut water for the kids and myself. It's better than soda or juice and after a few hours of splashing + running around in the sun, it's an energizing refresher for your taste buds + body.

Sunny and Cheer "BEACH EATS" | Our top 3 grab and go foods to make your next beach or pool day outing easier


Chips and bars are great, but they won't sustain you for a full day of fun. One of the best beach eat hacks is to bring a loaf or two (depending on how many people/kiddos you need to feed) of good bread. Our go-to is a crusty sourdough (made from organic grains) from our favorite baker, Prager Brothers. My son will rip off a few small pieces throughout the day, but when we get back in the car and head home, that's when he really makes a dent in it. 

If we have a cooler with us there will always be salami in it. It's an easy protein to pack and it's satisfying when you feel like you need something more than just fruit and veggies. It's also a great addition to the loaf of bread for an easy sandwich option. We love Applegate Salami and  Thousand Hills summer sausage.

Let's face it, you can't escape a day at the beach without having a "treat". For us, it's potato chips. We all have food allergies, and corn and grain are not an option for everyone in our family. So for us, potato chips are a safe snack food. These are our absolute favorite potato chips. You cannot eat just one and they are waaaaay better than the other chips that make that claim.

Hope these grab and go {real} foods make your next beach day outing easier. Be happy, not hangry.

Photo Cred: 1st and 2nd photo by Jennie Corti for Sunny and Cheer + Seasta Surf "Beach Days"

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